Elena - What's Elena Thinking?

Was this the first of its kind?  A cheesecake style pin up art competition.  Maybe not, but I know for a fact it was the first to focus on the Legs Goddess, Elena. 🙂

Rules – Take this image of Elena and by either using the actual image or redrawing it, show us what she’s looking at or thinking.  You could be as imaginative as you wanted but no nudity, there shouldn’t be nudity in the art.

There was two 1st Place prizes, one for Digital and one for Art.  Then a 2nd and 3rd place prize overall.

1st Place (Art)

Tefrem34 (Misty Morning)

1st Place (Digital)

199592 (Legs in the Forest)

2nd Place

Danyboz (Suncatcher)

Honorable Mention

by SketchBeetle


Love the design elements of this piece. Wishing I could think of a way to incorporate it with our logo.
See more @ http://sketchbeetle.deviantart.com/
by Lia Nailo


This speaks to me. Love the organic nature of the piece.
See more @ http://lia-nailo.deviantart.com/
by Mike Mars Art

Catching the Hawaiian Sun

Again, Love the design element. Feels like a poster you would find at a beach side restaurant while drinking tequila with your feet in the sand.
See more @ http://mikemarsart.deviantart.com/
by Darryl

Viking Elena

My buddy Cups brought this by after seeing an image of Elena and falling in love. She has that effect on people. Fully painted piece. If you want to get in contact with him let me know .
See more @ Conventions (He's not on the net)
by Twosheds1


Full on digitally rendered piece always amazes me. To work from scratch and make an image that looks real....wow!
See more @ http://twosheds1.deviantart.com/
by TrekkieGirl

Calla in Wonder

I Dream of Jeanie seems quite fitting for this Elena pose. All her fans ``Dream of Elena``
See more @ http://trekkiegal.deviantart.com/
by Magnguyen

Sky Full of Stars

I love the energy of this image. It's subtle and graceful and fills you with a sense of hope and wonder. Personally, Magnguyen's excitement is infectious.
See more @ http://magnguyen.deviantart.com/
by Comix Sandbox


Brilliant use of reflection from the water and the lights in the sky. I haven't a clue how people get so talented.
See more @ http://comix-sandbox.deviantart.com/


The use of a scratchy effect makes this look like it was burned into a marble slab now sunlight faded.
See more @ http://wxko.deviantart.com/
by MarcusMark17


by Erotixxx


Love these, they totally remind me of the local metal band scene and their flyers that would be stapled all over the place around the clubs, in the schools and the local hangouts. Even the area hotties who would hand them out to everybody.
See more @ http://erotixxx.deviantart.com/
by Jack Volcano


See more @ http://jackvolcano.deviantart.com/
by Concurso1

Elena & Bikini Elena

by Michael Alan Grapin


by JrBeard


by El Douglas


See more @ http://el-douglas.deviantart.com/
by Kmaedekong


See more @ http://kmaedekong.deviantart.com/
by Paddy86


See more @ http://paddy86.deviantart.com/
by Nexure


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by GlamourArt007


See more @ http://glamourart007.deviantart.com/
by Clive


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by Peter Olsson

Amazing Prolific Output

These two were exempt from the contest because of the non-nudity rule. But they needed to be seen because they are AMAZING!!!


by Frans Mensink Art


This piece was the ULTIMATE SURPRISE!! I have been a fan of his work for YEARS!! When this came in from out of nowhere I immediately freaked out. I couldn't believe my eyes. I still have a smile on my face. 🙂
See more @ http://fransmensinkartist.deviantart.com/
by Jack Volcano


Jack Volcano's nude variant of Elena. This is indeed SEXY! Love the grapes!
See more @ http://jackvolcano.deviantart.com/