About Us, the Legs Emporium Story Part 1

In The Beginning

there was the internet...

For a Legophile, such as myself, a huge place to roam and find images of beautiful woman with great legs, but there was never enough images and clips of any singular hottie that I liked.  When I found one I liked there was never enough focus on their legs.  I roamed aimlessly for many years finding leggy hotties and collecting what was out there always hoping for more, for something more specialized featuring their legs.  After many years my prayers were answered when I found LegsUltra.  They seemed to understand the fetish and had beautiful models that showed more than just their legs, but never got away from spotlighting their sexy gams.

Through that site I became aware of models such as Andrea Rosu, Annabelle Lee, Tomiko and Randy Moore, subsequently I went on to communicate with them and become friends, as well as being friends with Melody Jordan long before they featured her. 🙂

I love this fetish so much, but there was still something missing, and then she came into my life……Elena!

I had stopped looking at LU’s site for awhile, the updates were coming too slowly, once a week if my memory serves me correctly.  Then, on a thread focused on women’s calves, on the forum Freeones, I first saw her legs…

When I saw those calves, I lost my mind.  I started getting nervous…I had to see more.  Then, I found her on LU’s site as a guest photographer gallery.

Oh My Gawd...


…She was more beautiful than I could have hoped; face, hair, eyes, waist, everything…I could swear my heart skipped a beat, not just once but many.  I can remember actually having a minor panic attack of excitement.

I had to find More of Her

My hands started shaking, there was a energy welling up inside of my chest, an anxiety that I might not be able to find enough of her to satisfy.

I looked high and low, all over the net.  I did searches on her name, scanned through countless lists of models–the entire time all those feelings of excitement remained.  It was overwhelming, I was crazed.

After coming up empty with the exception of LU’s galleries and those images on Freeones, I changed my search tactics and started researching who the photographer was, Max Boner….”Good, I had a name.”  Then I went about trying to find contact information.

That’s when things took a turn for the better.  I found him on a photos for sale site and there was an e-mail.  That’s when my excitement level became manageable.  Here was an opportunity to possibly get more of Elena.

Having organized a few custom shoots in the past with a number of models, all set up through the internet, I knew I could write a strong e-mail to Max, but that didn’t keep my hands from shaking.  I can still remember how tough it was to finish typing that.  I had to read it over and make corrections quite a few times.  It was crazy.  I was crazy, crazy insane for the beauty with the legs of my dreams.

As you can probably guess, Max responded and told me “YES!” he could…

To Be Continued!

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7 thoughts on “About Us, the Legs Emporium Story Part 1

  1. Luis says:

    Dear Bretzky,

    A really nice post to be rad for all those Legs Emporium fans! I’ve enjoyed knowing about your beginning!

    Best regards!


    1. great_bretzky says:

      Thanks Luis your kind words are SUPER appreciated!!
      – B

  2. erasm1937 says:

    I would like to see more of Jewel images and videos. She is fantabulous. Don’t ever get to know background of models? Why is that? Where is LegsEmporium home based?

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Unfortunately, we need to keep our model’s personal lives personal. Why? For one, they aren’t models, with the exception of a couple, they are mostly regular people with regular jobs like you and I. They do this on the side, not for recognition or followers on social media, but for some extra cash for everyday things.
      Sadly, even as protective as we are of them, we’ve had a few instances where people have found out who they are and contacted them directly, through social media, and harassed or in one case actually proposition them. In these cases they’ve decided not to film for us anymore. It sucks, there are people that are total pricks and ruin things for all of us.

      ~ B

  3. hatchet_billy says:

    Glad to see there are folks out there who obsess as much and more then me on legs. And I know what you mean about Melody. I obsessed for awhile trying to find more after seeing her on FTV.

    1. bretzkythegreat says:

      Dear Billy,

      Welcome to the community. It’s a fun place to be and we’ll keep trying to make it as enjoyable as possible. :-)))
      THANKS for taking the time to write.!

      ~ B

  4. yarosson says:

    Bretzkythegreat, you make a cool product, but what about Camila Rodrigues’s photo shoots on this site. She has great legs ( Her legs would be appropriate on legsemporium dot com

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