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Trifecta of Leg Poses that changed my Life

When I was younger and just starting to realize how much I loved a shapely female leg, more specifically a shapely female calf muscle, I hunted everywhere for pics and videos to satisfy this craving.

It only made sense to look to television, good and bad, to cable, b-budget movies and so on for my fix and Night Court’s Markie Post brought it all together for me unleashing my inner Legaphile.  But that’s for another blog post.

But there was one particular image that clarified what I wanted to see more than any other.  I’m surprised that I still remember it.

I feel like it was a natural progression to look for fitness model shows and magazines.  I think at the time they were just really starting out, fitness competitions I mean. That’s when I stumbled upon Women’s Physique World magazine.  The first issue I got had this one image.  I don’t remember what it was about, I only remember the image, the pose.

The model’s legs were amazing.  Her calves were to die for.  They flowed with a volume of muscle that had the most beautiful shape.  The pose she was performing captured her legs better than any pose I had seen before then.  You could see the incredible grooves in her sinew on the outer right calf muscle, and the bulbous shape of the inner calf muscle of her other leg, both at the same time.  My mind was blown!

It wasn’t long after that, that I discovered another fitness magazine, I think produced by the same company that did Women’s Physique World, and it was called Strong & Shapely.  If memory serves correctly, there was only 4 issues ever published.

In the first issue I ever picked up was an image of fitness model Jacquie Wang, with her sitting in a chair by a pool with her legs crossed.  It was this moment that my beliefs of how beautiful a woman’s legs could be changed.  It was expanded, and my expectations increased.  I could not believe a woman so beautiful could have such magnificently large and shapely calves.  Looking at it now, Jacquie was miles ahead of almost all women in the leg area back then.

Which brings us to the third pose that changed everything for me.  It was in a Muscle & Fitness magazine.  Actually it was an ad for something fitness related.  Sadly, I don’t have that image, but I do have an image of Anastasia performing it.

This pose captures the tension of the calf muscle while at the same time spotlighting the support legs calf while flexing.  Love it!

These three images, over a period of a year made the difference in my appreciation of the female leg form, and started me on a journey of exploration in Legaphilia.

This leads me perfectly to my next post about this kind of thing, the Legs Posing Directory.  The search for the perfect poses to highlight our model’s legs. 🙂

PS – I’ve got an image to share of Katya performing that first pose.  I guess we’ll call it the “Seated Alternating Bent Legs” pose.

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