Female Legs Considered “Adult Content” by Paypal

Some of you may have noticed that we aren’t excepting Paypal right now, and you’ve been e-mail me about it, so I’m going to address the elephant in the room.

Paypal's Sad Excuse for ``Acceptable Use Policy``

Paypal is making it impossible for honest people who love beautiful women, especially those with great legs, to find, buy, and enjoy things with the ease of their payment processing.  And trust me, I understand, it’s their right.  But we’ll get back to that in a second…

Paypal, in error, has deemed our site as “Adult Content” which means we will not be able to take Paypal payments for our Beautiful Products.


Here’s the kicker….After playing communications tag by e-mail with their Brand Risk Management Department I’ve come to the realization that they are stuck in the deep, deep past.

Here is our latest correspondence with them,,,,

“Thank you for contacting PayPal.

Unfortunately, your business model seems to focus on female legs and, although, you do not offer any nudes, you do offer video downloads of female body parts (ex. legs). This would fall under our Acceptable Use Policy and would be a risk to PayPal because we have no way to verify what the video downloads will consist of.

We are not making a determination as to the legality of your business, but simply saying it falls into a category that is high risk for PayPal and thus prohibited.”

Now lets break this down shall we?

“Unfortunately, your business model seems to focus on female legs and, although, you do not offer any nudes, you do offer video downloads of female body parts (ex. legs).”

Wait, what?

So, if I’m reading this correctly, female legs are now considered “Adult Content”?


Elena in Venice

This means that Paypal’s idea of acceptable photography of women is when they are wearing a burqa perhaps?  I mean, seriously, this is like the early 1900s in America when women couldn’t wear a skirt above their knees.  Oh by the way, they weren’t allowed to vote either.  Way to go Paypal!

Next time you’re walking around and you see a woman wearing shorts or a skirt, Paypal thinks she’s “Sexually Explicit” and if they had their way would ban her from your sight.

But I digress, there’s more….

“This would fall under our Acceptable Use Policy and would be a risk to PayPal because we have no way to verify what the video downloads will consist of.”

Uhm, what?…

I explained to them we have “Screen Lists” for all our products and thousands of “Preview Images” to show our clientele what they are purchasing.  It makes no sense not to be 100% up front and transparent with our content.  For those who don’t know what a “Screen List” is we have examples below.  It’s a bunch of timed images, that are collected into one big image, taken from the footage, or photo set, they are referring to.

Now I realize Paypal is their own entity, their own business, they can make whatever rules they like.  It’s not a government agency and is not governed by the public in regards to their policies.  I’m cool with that.  What I’m not cool with is their hypocrisy and sad misappropriated stance referring to women and the female body.

First, they allow material sales of “adult content” like DVDs, paraphernalia, t-shirts, etc etc. but not video or photo set downloads?  That’s ridiculous.

Second, this explanation that they gave me for their “Acceptable Use Policy” is not in their ” Acceptable Use Policy” documentation currently as I write this.

I’m very sorry I’m having a hard time being objective about this situation, but it’s infuriating!    Paypal’s ignorance has effectively cut off a revenue stream, therefore leaving less money to pay the models, photographers and studios with.  Bottom-line, it effects the budget for shoots, making it a little harder to create Legs Art for us all to enjoy!  Is this crippling, no!  Is it troublesome and irritating, yes!

If you’re someone who’s only means to pay for content is via Paypal you can drop us a line @ legsemporium@gmail.com and we can walk you through alternative solutions to this problem.

Remember….Paypal believes these clips and images below are “Sexually Explicit Adult Content”  What a bunch of morons!

Peace Out!
– B

15 thoughts on “Female Legs Considered “Adult Content” by Paypal

  1. Decendingskulls says:

    I’m sorry they are being difficult. It’s weird. They’re supposed to be a payment system. Pretty simple. The bank doesn’t ask me what my transactions are for, and they don’t much care. Why should paypal? But furthermore, yeah this isn’t adult content. You can see these preview images on deviantart with no mature content filter I believe. Certainly not a strict one at least.

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Indeed. It doesn’t make sense. But they are the institutions and they aren’t right when it comes to this situation.

  2. Mr. Max says:

    It seems to be an easy way to pay, but indeed paypal should not be used. The privacy settings of that company are not acceptable and are worse than in case of credit cards, mostly. Example for Germany, the list of recipients of (your!) personal data, via paypal: https://www.paypalobjects.com/webstatic/de_DE/ua/pdf/paypal_third_party_disclosure_list_as_of_july_1_2015.pdf That’s much more than for hunting criminals only … data transfer is allowed just for marketing and to data selling places! If you use paypal, you accept that they give your personal data and transaction data to nealry everyone. And they make big money with that, selling your personal data. no way!!!
    And, on top of that, they start to decide, which money transfer they “like” and which “not”. What’s going on??

    Be proud of it, not to cooperate with paypay anymore. This makes more trouble than anything else …

    1. great_bretzky says:

      You’re not the first person to tell me this. I’ve also been doing research and the attempted breaches of Paypal’s security is scary, and the successes even scarier. I know people like to use it for storing their card info because they feel it’s safer, but if you do the research, it’s actually more dangerous. Hackers are constantly trying to get through their security, not to collect one person’s info/card but millions of people’s info/card. It’s the nature of the beast I suppose.

  3. PayPals ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ in referencing Legs Emporium photos/videos is NONSENSE! Are they really that ignorant, or just too tangled-up in legalistic-bureaucracy? I just watched a ‘Classic-Film’, from 1958, called “The Gift of Love”. … In one of the early scenes the lead actor (Robert Stack) asked the lead actress (Lauren Bacall) ,.. “Why don’t you ever get p and go to the ladies-room?…. Please”,…. to which she answered,…” Why ?” He answered, ” because I haven’t had the chance to look at your LEGS!”
    Fortunately, she did get up to let him see her legs,… and many other mutual-interests allowed them to marry. It’s a good film with wholesome Christian values.
    Fortunately,… seeing a woman’s ‘legs’ during the Classic-Film era was not considered taboo, and certainly NOT porn,. As it should never be,… it is not something ‘pornographic’,…. except in the distorted, and perversely-wicked minds of those promoting Sharia-ideology.,.. and other such self-righteous-based evil.
    It’s remarkable how ‘political-correctness’ (Moral-Relativism) has led to such narrow-minded-INTOLERANCE and CONFUSION in parts of post-modern (Western) Culture,.. and it’s litigiousness seems to be sliding further into a moral-abyss as it parts-company with the principles of truth of the Bible,
    Can I be of assistance in lodging a complaint with PayPal?

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Dear Boyd,

      Very well written. That moment in the movie sounds GREAT! 🙂

      As for lodging a complaint. It you’re feeling froggie, please jump. 🙂 I’m pretty sure it wont do anything. There are too many employees who are just doing their job and following the guidelines laid out by the upper brass. They aren’t paid to think. If lots of people filed a complaint then it might have an affect–squeaky wheel gets the grease sort of thing.

      it’s just whatever it is. Hopefully, something can change it, but for now, we’re kind of stuck. :-/

      THANK YOU for writing, and especially making a compelling case for the ridiculousness of their policy. 🙂
      – B

  4. Pablo Espinosa says:

    I understand the frustration, especially since I am a long-time user and fan of the site. Nonetheless, I think it is important to understand that it is not a matter of principle: PayPal must be avoiding a potential loss much larger than the revenue stream legs emporium currently provides them. You claim hypocrisy, I ask if you have never thrown principle out the window when leverage was in your favor.

    But solutions are always possible and we play with the cards we are dealt. No worries.

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Dear Pablo,

      Actually, I take pride in my ability not to be a hypocrite, and when I have been, I’ve taken pride in immediately addressing it and rectifying whatever it is. But, I am just one man not a company. When I make a mistake, I can easily fix it. When it’s a company, there are too many hoops and hurdles standing in the way. 🙁

      THANK YOU for writing. 🙂
      – B

  5. Patr1 says:

    So PayPal don’t allow nudity? Unacceptable use?
    So how does this site which is far more explicit then LE
    get away with offering PayPal ?

    1. great_bretzky says:

      No idea how. All I can say is that’s what Paypal told us as they blocked us from using their services. Bottom line is we can’t, and this site you’ve listed might be under their radar and haven’t gotten caught yet. If they are using Paypal, I wish I knew how.

      1. Patr1 says:

        Maybe it is because they are using a third party payment processor , in this case, Epoch.
        Rather than directly through PP.

  6. Pat says:

    Thanks for the info. I know that PayPal has excluded many perfectely leggit female wrestlers not into porn at all, but excluding your website pushes the absurdity even further, On top of excluding themselves from a growing business I’ll try to exclude them a little more on my other purchase form now on.

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Dear Pat,

      THANK YOU for understanding. It is pretty farcical to think that clean/safe content about females is considered taboo. Ridiculous!!

      YOU RULE!!
      ~ B

  7. games says:

    It’s not just Paypal, it seems it has to do with hypocrisy America. Same with Youtube, I know you’ve made your experience with them too. In my case they deleted my videos from women legs (sure, with shapely calves 😉 ) walking on the street in public. Reason: Sexual Content !
    I have no more words.

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Dear Games,

      Actually, it’s not “hypocrisy America”, it’s India’s outsourced customer service, especially youtube. We are subjected to India’s cultural definition of “sexual content”. They are a very uptight and rigid nation of ideals towards women, very stone aged oppressive. So, with the big companies like Paypal, Youtube, Facebook all outsourcing their customer service and supervision we’re getting slammed by backward thinking ideology. 🙁

      ~ B

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