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We begin the (LPD) “Legs Posing Directory” with Crossed Legs.  Arguably the top legs pose any model, or in this case, any woman with sexy shapely legs should perform regardless if it’s for the camera or a man or woman she’s trying to impress.

As I build the posing directory you’ll find that most of the poses will be about the effects they have on the calf muscle.  Case in point….

Crossed Legs

This position has many names; Legs Cross, Legs Crossing, Legs Grapevine, but the most commonly used term in Legaphilia to describe this pose is “Crossed Legs”.

Like anything else, once you’ve delved deeper into it you’ll find there are many ways to perform it; standing up, laying down, Man-Style, Double Crossed (xxlegs) (these last two we’ll go over in part two), but the most common way to perform it is when seated, whether on a chair, on a couch, or even on a rock or tree in the woods, on anything really.



Double Crossed

Laying Down

Laying Down

When a woman crosses her legs it creates two very curvy mounds of calf musculature that is ever so pleasing to the trained Legaphile’s eye.

First, the legs that’s crossing over.  When she settles that leg into position the manipulation of the muscle shows us the full extend of the overall mass of the calf from two angles.

One: Side

Two: Straight On

Lets not forget while the pose is being performed.  That moment when the leg crossing over at it’s peak of movement…the moment when the calf muscle is hanging down, giving us a view of the elongated shapeliness of the calf, from the knee to the ankle.  That entire area is a hot bed of Legaphilia enjoyment.

The second curvy mound of calf sinew visual enjoyment comes from the support leg, the leg that holds up, or is under, the crossed over leg.  It can look beautiful without any effort, but if the woman flexes it, OMG It can be explosively hot!

You know you’ve found a beautiful pair of legs when the woman performs it and the combination of the legs together create something reminiscent of an hour glass shape or a figure eight.

Until next time….Enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “Crossed Legs – Legs Posing Directory

  1. jackhole_6969 says:

    Suggestion…you should have Elena do a full leg crossing video video, maybe with some stockings on.
    Like the Viktoria leg crossing vid.

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Agreed. And we’ve done something very similar with Elena already. Go to this this link and look for the “Drop Dead Legs” series and “Legs Goddess Art of Stockings” and your wish will be fulfilled.:-)

      Also, and this is something to think about, we’re going to do a 2 hour shoot exclusively for Patreon. If you become a patron of our Patreon page ( you can make that suggestion and we might be able to make that happen. 🙂

      Anywho, sorry for the plugs, but I thought they would be helpful.

      THANK YOU for taking the time to write. 🙂
      – B

      1. jackhole_6969 says:

        Believe me, I already have those Elena vids 🙂 The more Elena leg crossing vids, the better right?

      2. jackhole_6969 says:

        I forgot to add… to clarify my original thought, the ‘Julia – Crossed Legs Reading’ vids is a perfect example of what I would like to see Elena doing.

        Thanks again man for your work!

  2. Mike Wong says:

    Good Blog post. I would love to see more of these ladies crossing their legs showing off their calve bulge. wearing ankle socks. That’s what I’ve been searching for all these years.

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Ankle socks? Hhhmm…we’ll have to see what we can do. I immediately think of a a photo set featuring Silvia Saint where she would cool little ankle socks with ruffles with strappy high heels. What do you think?

      1. Krell says:

        White ankle socks…YEAH.

      2. hfabiancalderon says:

        I know the post is old, just by mentioning Silvia Saint, I couldn´t pass the chance to mention the old clip where she has those metallic blue heels, her soles, feet,and tanned legs….she is by the pool with such sensuality….that´s when I realized, there are thousands of clips, movies with women wearing high heels, lingerie etc but if the director, camera man doesn´t care, or it´s just not his thing…..the clip is ruined….that´s the reason I came to be a fan of Legsemporium…the only site where the camera guy or director knows exactly where to focus….It reminds of pionners like vivThomas and JBvideo…One more Compliment…..Whoever of you guys, responsible for the scouting of these extraordinary models such as Andre Rosu, Jewel, Tammy, Galina, Alina, Melinda……Maria…..Olga, Gloria, Lina, Alena C, deserves an award, recognition and more…..

  3. Jason says:

    Can’t wait for the piece on double crossed legs! My all time favorite pose. Great stuff!

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Coolness. Glad you asked. Alright, I’ve got the “Silvia Saint” pose to do, then I’ll knock out the “Double Crossed Legs”. 🙂

  4. Roger says:

    Pt. 2 on the way?

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Oh yeah!! Wait till you see what we’ve got planned. 🙂

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