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Sexy Celebrity Legs Is How It Usually Starts, But It’s Never Enough

This gif below, a moment from a Markie Post made for television movie, is one of the motivating factors in the creation of Legs Emporium.

Now let me back up and give you the details.

Markie Post (Appointment for a Killing)

For me, my Legaphilia kicked in to high gear when I was much younger, maybe I was 9 years old.  I was watching television with my parents, it was a OJ Simpson movie, or at least he was staring in it.

Anywho, I believe the woman was a secretary and she was wearing a ruffled mini-skirt.  The scene showed an upper body shot then panned down to the skirt, its length that was just at her knees, and the sight of her legs showing below that line was strangely exhilarating.  From that moment it was game on.  I can’t remember the movie title or even if the woman’s legs were nice, I just remember needing to see it again.

And what was that?....probably nothing more than 3 seconds of footage of a celebrity with nice legs. Just not enough!

Markie Post (Hearts of Fire)

It wasn’t long after that, a few years, when I discovered Markie Post on Night Court.  And for someone with Legaphilia she was the thirst quenching goodness for my needs.  I would set my VCR every week to record the show and sadly get a measly 5 seconds of nice leggy footage.  Just 5 seconds out of 23 minutes of show. Ugh!

Now take a look at that first gif again.  It’s about 9 seconds of footage.  What great footage it is, but oh so short.  In my opinion Markie Post is the queen of celebrity legs, but that’s another blog post at a later date.

Dina Meyers (Federal Protection)

Quickly after Markie Post came Mary Hart, Donna Mills, and eventually Candice Bergen.  Oh what a wonderful night I had when Markie Post’s new show Hearts of Fire debut season came on the same night as Murphy Brown, Candice Bergen’s hit show.  It was an hour of legs heaven for a season.

Obviously, over the years many more like Kristen Davis, Kristen Bell, Sandra Bullock, Dina Meyers, Patricia Arquette, and Charisma Carpenter caught my Legaphile eye.

Patricia Arquette (Trouble Bound)

So what does this all mean?  Why am I telling you this?

For all the sexy celebrity legs on television and in the movies, it still wasn’t much.  I mean, if you collected all the leggy goodness from those hotties you still wouldn’t have much at all.

Here’s a few of those moments from random movies and shows featuring a sexy legged celebrity.

1) Marley Shelton

(Death Proof - Stunt Man Mike)

2) Robin Tunney 3) Brenda Bakke

(Montana) - (Hot Shots Part Deux)

4) Cynthia Rhodes 5) Nicolette Sheridan

(Runaway) - (Beverly Hills Ninja)

With all those hotties, what do we have of great legs footage? 1 minute, maybe 2? It’s nothing.

Hollywood hasn’t and never will figure it out, and really can they do anything about it even if they did?  They would have to be super creative and the director would have to be a big time Legaphile.

Jennifer Garner (13 Going On 30)

So, what was the only solution?  Yeah, do it yourself.  So, that’s just what we did and thank goodness Elena appeared.  As I’ve told you before, she has the kind of legs that drive me wild.  Go back and take a look at that opening clip…better yet, here’s just the good stuff.  Markie’s legs have that beautiful shape to them and they aren’t skinny, they have a perfect amount of girth.

Now look at Elena.  There they are, the second coming, and younger version of Markie’s legs.

But I digress, this isn’t about that.  It’s about how a few pair of sexy celebrity legs help ignite my Legaphilia and motivate us to do what we do, create beautiful legs art.

I want to THANK every one of you for your support.  Because now, you and I can have footage of the sexiest legs and calves on the planet and we don’t have to record an entire season of a show, or a movie, just to get 5 seconds of heaven.  We don’t have to know that the hottie with the great legs is just out of site because there’s a prop of some sort in the way like a desk, wall, a car etc etc.  We can now consume 5 minute clips solely focused on that amazing female body part…..the Legs.

Bottom line….I’m a fan just like you are, a Legaphile through and through.  I’m just a guy who gets this stuff made, a glorified fan if you will.  I sit and dream of the legs we’ll film next and can’t wait to see the footage once it’s been shot.

To the Legaphile Collective….WE ROCK!!

PS — Most of these gifs were made from some old video tape footage I made when they first aired on television.

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13 thoughts on “Sexy Celebrity Legs Is How It Usually Starts, But It’s Never Enough

  1. jackhole_6969 says:

    Like you, I guess, I grew up in the VCR age and remember setting the VCR timer for shows where there might be legs (Deb Norville-today Show, Star Search models, Lori Loughlin on Full House had killer legs, etc.)

    It wasn’t easy to be a legophile back then but yet you saw more short skirts, hose and heels in public and on TV than you do now. It was just much more difficult to capture it.

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Oh yes. Deborah Norville had great legs. Nice!

  2. Galinafan says:

    I was 12 when True Lies came out, and Jamie Lee Curtis in that iconic skimpy black dress made me only more aware of my emerging legaphelia. She’s best remembered in that film for her bedroom strip scene, which obviously was a turn on, but for me, it was the scene right before that, when she tears off the sleeves, and frilly bottom from her knee length dress, exposing most of her well shaped, milky thighs. I’ve been hooked since!

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Oh damn….Hell Yeah!! I totally remember that. It’s been a while, but wasn’t there good leg shots when she was in the limo? But I think they were quick moving shots.

      1. Galinafan says:

        Yes there was! The limo scene had some really good, but you’re right, very quick moving shots. The second half of that film was full of them! Man she was awesome looking in that movie!

  3. Marc says:

    For me it was Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight. Just sitting there looking under the desk at her crossed legs was what set me off!

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Dear Marc,

      Oh HELL YEAH!!! 🙂 I remember that too. Might have been the first time I noticed women’s crossed legs being attractive. Cool call.

      ~ B

  4. games says:

    Bretzky, all your thoughts are like you’ve read my mind 😉

    How about making more vids with your models walking, natural, unposed, in tight skirts or business costumes, just like in the movie clips above?

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Dear Games,

      It’s actually something we’ve been working on as we improve our filming, studio sets and wardrobe. Hang in there, it’s coming. 🙂


      1. games says:

        Hey Bretzky, how great is this. Yippee.
        Btw, I’m the VR guy from Patreon, Entropia3D.
        So imagine, don’t know if it’s possible, a VR camera on a dolly following a walking girl from different viewpoint heights. Or even filming from front, dolly moves backwards. Just some suggestions, but I think I would gt crazy seeing such stuff 🙂

  5. Sandra Bullock ! One of my favorite actresses and a pair of perfect legs . Her and Jodie Foster both have firm and Gorgous legs . To bad that Jodie prefers girls to guys . Yet , They are both great actresses . I think that Jesse was an Idiot to cheat on Sandy , That was a totally rotten and Retarded thing to do . Sincerely ; …………… Angel Flores

  6. CJW says:

    I know this will date me, but if anyone here has ever watched Buck Rogers in the 25th Century as a young boy, they’ll know. God in heaven, that show was made for legophiles.

    Then there were the skirted uniforms on Space Academy, Ruth’s hot tights and boots on Ark-II, Lynda Carter on Wonder Woman… I was mesmerized by women’s legs well before puberty.

  7. Chavez says:

    Markie Post
    Catherine Bach
    Dolly Parton
    Joyce Dewitt

    The mount Rushmore of 80s legs.

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