Legs Crossing Power of Female Seduction (Crossed Legs)

It’s a fact that shape is one of the most alluring features of the female body. Men take notice of the shape of any female immediately. Think about the “hour glass” figure–it’s all about shape, as too does this apply to female legs crossing.

Elena from her Patreon Exclusive Shoot

One of the most seductive ways for a woman to seduce a person is through crossing her legs. Does anybody remember Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct? For that particular scene it was about flashing the interrogator, but in the world of Legaphilia that has nothing to do with the enjoyment we get from a woman crossing her legs.


I’ve talked about this particular pose in an earlier post “Crossed Legs – Legs Posing Directory”  where I described the effects the pose has on the calf muscle, but I didn’t cover the seductiveness of the action.

Once the leg is crossed, the calf muscle, being manipulated by the pressure against the outer thigh of the support leg, creates the widest shape of the calf.

Did you notice?  It’s about shape.

It's not just the crossed legs end position but the enitre journey of the legs crossing that is the seduction.

It begins when she sits down.  You hope for the best.  It’s nice seeing her legs any way you can, but your hoping, wishing, deep down she would cross her legs.

Then she does…BANG!!


Your Legaphile brain-pan goes nuts, your eyes zoom in watching as she lefts up one leg and brings it over the other.  This moment can’t be emphasized enough, for it is in this moment that her calf muscle hangs down, being pulled by gravity, and showing off her sinew in it’s most elongated shapeliness.


Then, we’re at the moment of climax as her leg rests comfortably across the other leg, forcing the calf muscle to bulge outward, and giving us the crossed legs seduction we so crave.

There’s even more to legs crossing that I’ll get into in a later post, but I’ll leave you with this.

Watching a woman uncross her legs can be just as visually stimulating, like when her calf muscle rubs across her knee as she uncrosses, creating an incredible muscular jiggle.

Explosive stuff!

You can see what I’m talking about in the clip above at the .37 second mark featuring Elena.

~ B


Credits & Notes:
images from her Patreon Exclusive shoot you can find –>> here <<–
Rebecca image is from our newest model who current can only be found on our Patreon page, so to be released on this site.
Nikolett Kiralyvari image from her footage available –>> here <<–
Lina images from her footage available –>> here <<–

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13 thoughts on “Legs Crossing Power of Female Seduction (Crossed Legs)

  1. Leg lover says:

    Great stuff! To me, nothing beats the double crossed legs pose! Love your blog posts 🙂

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Thank You for the kind words. 🙂 I agree! Leg crossing = Awesome!!

  2. yossilonke says:

    Maybe this is not the exact place to bring up this question, but here it goes: Does anybody find strong correlation between legophillia and inclination for femdom in general? I do.

  3. cptloogie says:

    I can see both in it. Dominance as well as submission, the leg crossing pose is a good example for that. But I definitely prefer to see the submission in it. Strong legs bound to rest, there is some sweet contradiction in that, body image to body language. To me as I see it.

    Thank you for the beautiful video compilation and the evenly fascinating description of the leg crossing routine. Just want to add here that by me as a crossedlegophile particularly enjoying the thigh shape a side view is highly appreciated. Love Elena’s legs on 1:42, and Nikolett on 1:52 is simply doing perfect!

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Great point and beautifully written words. THANK YOU!!!
      ~ B

  4. egreen3 says:

    I will concur that leg crossing is an exquisitely sexy art, and the different variations of it are very appealing when slowly and confidently executed. However…(and Bret already knows where I’m about to go…lol), tasteful and elegant shoe play, even if subtle at times, is ‘the’ element that perfectly complements ANY variation of leg crossing. Case and point, the picture of Rebecca’s leg cross that inspired this blog – which you could appreciate even more with a little better lighting/definition. I am so glad you posted that still. Quite honestly, that screenshot was from the hottest 2 minutes of leg crossing/shoe play I have ever seen! But the heel popping element adds another layer of admiration that is undeniable to me. The risqué exposure of the beautiful arches of the foot, and the shoe ‘slight dangle’ which is always mesmerizing, takes such minimal effort, and super easy to do, but is very, very underrated…IMHO. I’ve seen sooo many perfect heel pop opportunities unrealized on LE that it actually hurts me to view the set at times.. as I think (if only…). I think consistently adding that element ( but not in a dominating way) , however, very deliberately (in vids and pics) will continue to be my dream, for this site. Considering my recent contributions, I still believe there is hope. BTW, Nikollet’s legs/calves are UNREAL! She is ‘my’ leg Goddess!!! (Jewel, is a very close second)

  5. Mike Wong says:

    I prefer seeing calve bulge while women crossed their legs. Especially when the women are wearing ankle socks while crossing their legs. I personally don’t think double crossing legs is sexy at all..

    1. great_bretzky says:

      Dear Mike,
      Coolness!! I understand what you’re saying. I love this community, we can have differing opinion in our preferred genre. I’m a heel guy, and there are those that are bare feet people. It’s all good. 🙂 But never fear, where there are double crossed legs there will ALWAYS be crossed legs. Especially with our products. 🙂

      ~ B

  6. bernie says:

    Killey from the morning show has all the girls in this group beat
    Its not even close.

  7. I’m a leg lover myself, but those legs really take the cake! <3

  8. jami dishmann says:

    love it and beautiful

  9. ansellortell says:

    Any way you can add PAYPAL as an option?

    1. bretzkythegreat says:

      E-mail us @ [email protected] and I can elaborate on this issue.

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