Welcome to the Muscle Car Cheesecake Art Contest Page!

I’m proud to announce the winner’s of our 3rd Art Contest — Muscle Car Cheesecake.  THANK YOU to all the AWESOME Entries!!
(For those interested, all the rules are listed at the bottom of the page.)

First I would like to explain how we came to the decision.  We opened the voting to the public here online.

Once the deadline had past, we took those results and awarded them points, highest receiving the most points.  This vote accounted for 50% of the total deciding vote.  The other 50% come from Myself, Max, Iryna, and a group of artist friends of mine from diverse backgrounds: an artist from the Big 2, an Indy artist, and a couple of freelance graphic designers.  Again, awarding those placements with a point system.  Finally, we totaled them up and got our winners and here they are…

The reason for the slight tweak in the voting process came because of some shenanigans with the voting app.  Apparently, with a cellphone you could vote multiple times and we monitored this happening.  It got so bad that one of our entrants, who will remain nameless, was going to pull out because he discovered those voting for him were doing this too.  It sucks that people would do that, but I also understand that they wanted their guy to win and I can’t fault them for their enthusiasm.

Needless to say, the top 4 from the online vote were also the top 4 from our vote, and the points from both counts shuffled them around a bit, but in the end it worked itself out nicely.

I think this was an AMAZING success and it was a learning experience, we’ll try a different app for voting in the next contest. 🙂

1st Place

Kaylee by Will Twardy

2nd Place

Grand Legs Elena by Danyboz

3rd Place

Lil’ Cobra Galina by Hamilton Imagery

4th Place

Anastasia by Mhyon

PS — I’ll be in touch with the winners today to get them their prize winnings! 🙂

Art Contest Goodness

First, THANK YOU to all the Entrants and to those who are taking the time to vote.  THANK YOU!!

Below you will see the 24 entries.
Below that, the voting form as well as down the side.
You can choose up to 3 that you like.
There is a point system, so your top choice, #1, will be worth more than #3.
You can find the numbers to the right of each entry with the Artist’s name and the model he used for the image.

Below everything else are the rules that this contest was based upon.

Poll Closes May 31st.


by Danyboz


Grand Legs Elena
by Dillan Weems


Liza 69 Camaro
by Bad Boy By Design


MoeMadrid Sofia
by MCC PepinoGSi Design


Anastasia Tire
by William Twardy


by Hamilton Imagery


Galina Titova Lil-Cobra
by J Aton


by mhyon


by Freemager


Anastasia & Oksana Brygidyr
by Rasmane


by OSO Buenrostro


Andrea Rosu
by samwisetheawesome


by bladedpencil


Pin Up and the Car
by Shawn Hayes


Andrea Rosu
by Panda


by SloanPickering


Elena ``Beauty and the Beast``
by MCC PepinoGSi Design


by MCC PepinoGSi Design


by MCC PepinoGSi Design


by OSO Buenrostro


Andrea Rosu
by samwisetheawesome


by MCC PepinoGSi Design


by MCC PepinoGSi Design


Melinda Szabo
by MCC PepinoGSi Design



Contest Rules and Other Tidbits

Thanks to an inspiring piece of art done by Danyboz of Elena sitting of the edge of what looks like a Dodge Charger, I knew this was the idea that should be our next contest.

So, here’s the idea….Take any of our images that we’ve posted, either here or any of our social media pages, and create Muscle Car Cheesecake.

The Rules…
1)  It has to be of our models and it has to be one of our poses.
a)  It can be Original (Hand-drawn art or Digital Art)
b)  You can change the clothing on the model however you like, BUT she CAN’T be NUDE, at least not showing nipple or private parts.  If you do want to do nudity, that’s fine, but it wont be considered for the contest.
c)  The pose must stay the same as the image.  Obviously, changing a facial expression or hand gesture is fine.
*** Update: I’ve been asked about this.  So, I thought I’d make a clarification.  It’s alright to combine two images…for example: You want the models legs from one image and her upper body from another image.  That’s cool, and creative.  Just make sure it’s of the same model, we don’t want to build Frankenstein’s model….OMG!  That might be our next contest, “Cheesecake Classic Monsters”.  But I digress…

Also, PLEASE make sure you keep within your style.  We aren’t asking you to conform to our vision.  For example, you need to give the model slightly larger hips because your drawing style of women always have big hips.  That’s fine, but remember we have to still be able to tell it’s from whatever image or images you referenced of our models.

(Again, look all over our social media accounts or here.  If you find an image and want a better version of it, message me and I’ll send it to you. [email protected])

2)  The model can be posing with the Muscle Car, she can be painted on the Muscle Car (like nose cone art) she can be cleaning the wheels, or getting her skirt caught in the car door (Vintage Cheesecake Style), she can be laying across the hood of the Muscle Car like a Carl Jr Burger Ad or like Tawny Kitaen from the old Whitesnake video.

3)  Muscle Car can be anything in this style of theme.  Obviously, the Shelby Cobra, Dodge Charger, Gran Torino, 57 Chevy, anything from those eras: 50s, 60s, 70s….could even be a Viper, since it’s a throwback to the Muscle Cars.  Heck, how about a Dune Buggy or Beach Buggy, hehe Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch comes to mind….and going out into a very imaginative direction…..even a Land Speeder from Star Wars.  Lets face it, that would be a vintage Muscle Car for that universe.
*** Update: Another great question and answer for clarification. Certainly what I’ve listed as a “Muscle Car” aren’t all exactly a muscle car, however I feel they are, not in the definition of “muscle” so much, as design.  These vehicles are art.  They are artistic impressions, vehicles made not solely for performance but also with the idea of looks.  They were very much art.  I hope that clarifies things a little bit.

4)  Voting…..We’re doing it a little differently this time around.  Myself, Max, and Iryna will be the judges, but this time so too will YOU and your friends, family, and followers get a chance to influence the final decision.
The deadline is May 15th, 2017, a solid 2 months.  On May 16th, we’ll open the voting to everybody.  We’ll make a page for the contest on our home page at Legs Emporium, and we’ll create a poll, allowing everybody who visits it to vote.  We’ll keep it open for 2 weeks and on June 1st we’ll announce the winners.

The Prizes:
1st Place Prize – $200 green-backs! (The money will be sent via Paypal, Amazon, check, credit to the site, however you like.)
2nd Place Prize – $150
3rd Place Prize – $100
4th Place Prize – $50

Deadline is May 15th, 2017
– May 16th, Voting will begin (Mentioned above)
– The art will be judged by Myself, Max and Iryna, and Social Media (Again, mentioned above)
– Well announce the winners on June 1st
– Send your images and questions here to [email protected]
– You may enter as many times as you like.
– You can keep the original, make prints, pajamas, tote-bags, whatever, even sell it if you like.
– We get to use the final images for our site however we feel; maybe for an ad, or just a header on a social media page, whatever.
– We will give you credit where ever and whenever we use the images.
Here’s where we posted our previous Contest Artwork as well as Artwork people have submitted in the past Legs Emporium Art Page

There’s some legal mumbo-jumbo that’s needed to be spelled out, but I’m hoping it’s not necessary.  We LOVE quality art and want to do this contest to promote our love of art as well as the Artists who participate.  If you enter the contest, you’re doing so of your own free will.  So, lets have some fun!!!


Couple of questions I didn’t cover above….

1 – Can I remove your logo from the picture and put mine?
Absolutely.  But whenever we re-post it, I’ll find a good spot to put our logo on it, but I’ll keep yours there too.  I want you to get credit for it.  But whenever you post it, if you can mention Legs Emporium, that would ROCK!!!

2 – How and when should I post the result in my gallery?
Whenever you feel like it.  I understand you’re using your time for this and it’s not necessarily a good thing to be sitting on finished artwork.  That time is money.  So, post when you want to.  But if you do before the end of the contest, could you mention the contest?  You don’t have to, just a thought.
Not to mention you’ll probably want to post it as a way to get those social media votes for your piece. 🙂