Rebecca – Elegant Phat Calves & Mini-Dress 4

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6 reviews for Rebecca – Elegant Phat Calves & Mini-Dress 4

  1. dunbarr (verified owner)

    Having been a writer most of my life, I’ve got a pretty good vocabulary. 99% of it disappears completely when I’m watching Rebecca pose. I’m down to OMG…oh wow…just wow…whoa…oh my God…you’ve got to be kidding me…or no words at all, just sharp intakes of breath. She’s perfect and you know just how to shoot her.

  2. rob (verified owner)

    This video is awesome. I like the point of view style. More please.

  3. dunbarr (verified owner)

    Also I hope you will do more of those angle shots where you are directly above the model or shooting down over her shoulder or from next to her. I first with first noticed that with a BTS with Maria and it’s incredibly hot.

  4. legworshipper (verified owner)

    This is point of view is fantastic and has to be the way forward! Especially for video with Rebecca’s amazing legs! More please!

  5. MB

    yes, this point of view is great!

  6. willmanshakepierce (verified owner)

    The point of view style is amazing. You have got to do more of these.

    The gods themselves forged Rebecca’s legs.

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