1. tonahr1 (verified owner)

    Creamy smooth is right! Lera’s beautiful skin is absolutely flawless! Excellently captured as always! This shoot really highlights how far legsemporium has come from the early days. Love the revealing outfit, and the red lipstick really enhanced her natural beauty! Lera is truly breathtaking and hope to see more from her in the future!

    Lera - Creamy Smooth Sexy LegsLera – Creamy Smooth Sexy Legs

  2. ROGER

    Waw….i draw pinups myself…

    Lera - Creamy Smooth Sexy LegsLera – Creamy Smooth Sexy Legs

  3. chuckthurmond72 (verified owner)

    Wow! Elena was my favorite, now she has some serious competition. Can’t wait to see more of Rebecca. Would like to see more shorts pics of both!

    Rebecca - Vibrantly Beautiful LegsRebecca – Vibrantly Beautiful Legs

  4. calves.admirer (verified owner)

    I thought it couldn’t get any better on your site, but in this case it did. Her legs are one of the sexiest, if not THE sexiest I have seen. Right along with Elena, Annie and Heather (IMHO). Can’t wait to see more shoots with this beauty. I’m probably going to faint when I see a video of her.

    Rebecca - Vibrantly Beautiful LegsRebecca – Vibrantly Beautiful Legs

  5. Ka_Fritz

  6. spruillp2 (verified owner)

    Jewels legs are nice and strong and thick. I love her thigh muscles. Beautiful strong legs of a gymnast, let her know, I said this. Hmm!!!!!

    Jewel - Bed, Stilettos and a BeautyJewel – Bed, Stilettos and a Beauty

  7. brad spruill

    Nice hot strong legs. Andrea is a man’s dream

    Andrea Rosu - Bootilicious Legs StairwayAndrea Rosu – Bootilicious Legs Stairway

  8. Ka_Fritz

  9. Rodrigo

  10. ChrisK (verified owner)

    Incredible legs! Smashing model! I’ve purchased this set and some of her previous sets. This is a very hot set! Would of love to have seen her with her legs stretched out while she laid on her front. Hope I can see this pose more often, especially with my other favourites like Annie, Maria and katya.

    Barbie - Stems and a SmileBarbie – Stems and a Smile

  11. CB

    Wow! Gorgeous lady and beautiful legs. Did you shoot a video of this? Please consider making one for us lego-philes.

    Barbie - Relaxing with Sexy LegsBarbie – Relaxing with Sexy Legs

  12. ChrisK

    What you people are doing is fantastic! This set is totally me! This site is super class! Will be purschasing this one and Annie’s last one as soon as pos.

    Annie - Legs Dreams in PerspectiveAnnie – Legs Dreams in Perspective

  13. Daniel

  14. Brandes Morris

    Maria is my favorite leg mofel and the best I have ever seen!

    Maria - Face the Sky with Your Bodacious Legs 1Maria – Face the Sky with Your Bodacious Legs 1

  15. terciodepinceles

    Fabulous and highly elegant girl!

    Lina - Stairs to Calves So HugeLina – Stairs to Calves So Huge

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