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Dear Legaphile,

We created the Patreon page to share rare behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage that we couldn't otherwise find the time or the source to distribute.  Furthermore, to create a place were Legaphiles can communicate with other like-minded persons to share ideas and talk about our favorite legs models.

We do this through different rewards tiers, the higher you go the more cool digital schwag you obtain on a monthly basis.

The money from these tiers helps us to set up more shoots, process and edit footage, and if we hit a particular monthly goal (amount), an Exclusive Shoot just for our Patreon brethren.

As we've hit our monthly goals, we've been filming special "2 Hour Patreon Exclusive Shoots" that can be seen nowhere else but on our Patreon page--shoots our patrons picked the theme, wardrobe, and created ideas for, all with the main focus being women's beautiful legs and sexy calves.

Sounds pretty damn cool right?  Well, you can join in the fun too.  All you have to do is follow the link at the bottom of the page and read about the different rewards tiers in the right column.  For as little as $2 a month your eyeballs could be swimming is hot leggy goodness.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Your Legaphile Brother!

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Patreon Exclusive Shoot Timeline

1. Elena

Elena as Marilyn & More

Our First EVER Exclusive Shoot...

Was filmed in late July with who better than the Legs Goddess Elena.

We had a few ideas from our Patreons that we were able to combine into two distinctive themes.

The first was Elena as "Marilyn Monroe".  Sadly, at the time we didn't have a fan, but Elena went about her business and started posing and acting as if there was a fan.  Needless to say, she killed it!

Moving on to the second theme was filming her legs SUPER close up, really seeing what her skin tone and musculature is like.  Giving you the feeling that you aren't just watching a clip, you're with her and can reach out and feel her legs.  Again nailing the idea, and with the second camera capturing all of Elena from head to toe, you experience the best of both worlds.  All of this was filmed on the hood of an vintage car.  Nice right?

See Previews...

119 photos, 11 video clips, 73+ minutes total duration
2. Jewel

Jewel - Bikini & Marilyn style

Our Second exclusive shoot

Filmed in late October with the thick, muscular calves of Jewel.

The amount of ideas and enthusiasm of filming Jewel from our Patreon community was crazy and made for a fun shoot with some amazing visual surprises.

The first idea was once again a "Marilyn Monroe" style scene, this time we had a fan that we purchased just for our shoot from the money earned on the Patreon site.

Second idea had Jewel in a bikini....yes, a bikini, walking around in heels being stalked by our camera crew.

The third idea was to follow her walking up and down stairs, but sadly, we didn't have access to a stair well at the studio, so we did the next best thing and filmed her climbing up and down a ladder, in heels at first and then bare foot, and still wearing the bikini!  Yes, a bikini! 🙂

Finally the fourth idea featured Jewel in a professional business attire, working on a laptop performing legs crossing and extension poses.  As you'll see from the footage, she had a ball filming. 🙂

See Preview...

336 photos, 14 video clips
3. Rebecca

Rebecca - Stairs, Chair & Librarian

Our Third exclusive shoot

Reby is our newest model and for the Patreon community an instant legs model star!  She had been featured on the Patreon page quite often over the course of a few months prior though our BTS footage and Instagram Live Feed replays, as we've been filming her pretty regularly.  Only just recently did we post photos of her on our main site here.

So, when she was one of the options on the list of models to choose from for the Exclusive Shoot, she pretty much won the voting in a landslide.

After pulling together the ideas we were able to nail down three solid themes...

The first was to feature her on the stairs--walking up and down bare foot and posing in heels.  Not only did we do that, we also got her posing on a ladder.

Second idea was with her sitting down and dripping baby oil on her legs, rubbing it in and then giving the Legaphile Patreon community a legs crossing clinic nobody who views will ever forget!

Lastly, feeding off of similar ideas like the secretary style one from the  previous month's shoot with Jewel, we had Reby dressed up as a sexy librarian.  Yes, they do exist.  few and far between but they do exist, like the great white buffalo. 🙂

See Preview...

473 photos, 9 video clips
4. Anastasia Coming Soon
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