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  1. Rodagnev (verified owner)

    The perfect definition of Gams….well, toned, shapely calfs…Alena is not the smiley type but make no mistake her divne IFBB legs will make your jaw drop, just like if Michelangelo himself took his chisel and carved everysingle line…I got to compliment once again LE team….the shoes selection is classic, sexy and with all due respect…arousing.

    Alena C - Leg Posing Freestyle 1Alena C – Leg Posing Freestyle 1

  2. Rain Winter (verified owner)

    This long-time dedicated leg maven has been perusing your excellent web compendium widely. The still images, setting, and ambience of this alluring session with Tera inspired me to choose it as my first purchase, following some deliberation. One provocative image (2_5) specifically provided the main impetus, where she is balancing on one beautiful foot, semi-squatting, with one delicious ankle popping especially enchantingly, other leg in a lovely reverse bend, accentuating certain components. Tera looks wonderful all-around in this session, introduced by her elegant statue-esque posture with hand on hip, prepared for a fun dinner date or cocktail lounge, her classy mature hair in its lovely brunette hue, pretty outfit, the yellow mini and matching sexy yellow heels. A very flattering top adorns her cut physique, tasteful makeup amplifying her naturally beautiful facial features, cute earrings for further bodily adornment. She is certainly a beautiful woman of certain qualities I find notably magnetic – in the way that we all have our “type” – yet concurrently seems approachable and affable, which in turn amplifies her attractiveness. Her presentation is natural, every-day even, which is not intended as a pejorative by any means. A svelte miniskirt embraces her hips fantastically, highlighting those amazing thighs, their definition, their structure. My goodness, what appetizing raiment. Meanwhile, the sandals are a very tasty semi-strappy affair featuring open areas to reveal portions of the feet, cute toes poking out the front, which is certainly welcomed and appreciated. Love for feet and open-toe shoes! Their heel is thankfully not egregiously tall, as I dislike high heels because they shorten the Achilles tendon and ankle in general, compressing them strangely, while elongating them in additional strange methods. I find overly tall heels gaudy, unattractive, and sophomoric. Classier heels of medium heights frame and shape the ankle much more attractively, provoking the pronounced ankle bones to pop in their interminably delightful ways – as Tera’s enchanting ankles absolutely do here quite adroitly! – making them sexier as f*ck, ultimately. Lower heels are additionally less-damaging for those wonderful feet while being easier to walk in and physically negotiate, which is a positive for everyone. When a woman – or anyone for that matter – feels better and more confident, it is evident. Ankle strap material could be thinner to reveal additional ankle surface, sure, yet they are nonetheless tasteful, sufficiently revealing while providing visual interest to the shoe. It is quite a narrow pointy heel as well, whereas a modestly chunkier support would supply Tera with improved balance as she performs those lovely maneuvers in graceful fluid motions, shifting her weight around like a slow deliberate dance. (Who increased the thermostat in here?? Mama mia…)

    Our superstar Tera is all fire in this session, yet fire in a grounded collected way, standing knee-bends with shallow squats accentuating all those glorious leg features: impressive calves, sultry hamstrings, shapely quads, lovely bones in the locations where I like them displayed (ankle & knee), tendons (another shout-out to that delicious Achilles), ligaments, as well as a few interesting veins in that left leg. Tera’s legs in this session offer an ideal nexus between structural definition yet with smooth feminine lines and curves. Body-builder legs are just too masculine, unattractive. Thin legs are boring, unappealing. I prefer shape, smooth lines and curves with well-defined shapely leg structure and stunning ankles that flex terribly alluringly with certain movements which I utterly adore, notably in the final few minutes of this presentation. These legs are characterful in the right ways. And what sumptuous skin tone! Beautiful, perfectly naturally rich enough with just the right degree of seductive natural sheen from her presumed moisturizer application reflecting the light, versus superfluously-oiled legs that I find gaudy, gross… and messy!

    Attractive industrial loft set design! Thought, care, and a refined vision are clearly evident in this exposé. Great lighting, characterful exposed brick and vintage floor lamp doubling as a balancing stabilizer for Tera, tasteful smokey lounge jazz serving as sonic backdrop, floor plants. We all know what we are ultimately here for – the lovely women and their lovely legs – but I do favor a certain degree of emotionality and elevated energetic quality, a refined maturity like an aged wine or whiskey or rock album, as well as the technical production merits. It all matters to me. Video technical quality is very respectable, featuring alternate angles, occasional interesting controlled perspective shifts, and the super tasty close-ups!! Thank you for those! Well done. The folks at LE did not simply affix an old iPhone onto a stationary tripod and call it a day while skimping on lossy file compression and other amateurish production punts. Video’s closing scene is thoughtfully conceived and executed, our heroine Tera sauntering attractively towards the camera during a black fade-out. I enjoy simply witnessing her pleasurable walking. More of that is preferred, though that seems to be the focus of her other session in this yellow-miniskirt series. I might just have to purchase that one too! Speaking of which, I feel this purchase price is *quite* reasonable considering the production quality, video length, and Tera’s talents.

    Very pleased with this!

    Tera - Tight Mini-Skirt on Tight Legs 2Tera – Tight Mini-Skirt on Tight Legs 2

  3. davemilen (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing beauty, modesty, and now with high heels, more ״confidence״ and smiles. So much more potential is still possible. My favorite from the team ! Thank you !

    Maria - Fishnets, Leg Warmers and Heels on EPIC Shapely LegsMaria – Fishnets, Leg Warmers and Heels on EPIC Shapely Legs

  4. jacksonant1104 (verified owner)

    She’s very beautiful and has beautiful legs no crossing needed very appealing without much love to Viktoria

    Viktoria - Sexy and FlexibleViktoria – Sexy and Flexible

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