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Anastasia – A Sculpted Calves Spy in Paris

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Liza – Pin Up Beauty with Stunning Stems

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Jewel – Heel Popping, Bean Bag Fun

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Latest Updates - Video Clips

[4K] Elena – Neverending Awe of the Legs Goddess

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[4K] Elena – Neverending Awe of the Legs Goddess 2

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Heather – Long Lovely Legs Mirrored

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  1. radcliff999

    She definitely worked those legs. Amazing upgrade. Now her legs seem stronger, more toned and amazingly and harmonicaly bigger. Stunning!! I love it when a model works with her body making it even more beautiful as time passes by! Good Job Anastasia! You rock!

    Anastasia - Promising Legs ArtistAnastasia – Promising Legs Artist

  2. williamtwardy (verified owner)

    Another epic photo set. Tera might have just taken over my number one spot. She’s incredible.

    Tera - Sneakered Babe with Epic LegsTera – Sneakered Babe with Epic Legs

  3. Stinger (verified owner)

    This is one of the nicest videos of Elena, along with the other three of her in the green top. Great work.

    [HD] Elena - Intimate Dreams with the Legs Goddess[HD] Elena – Intimate Dreams with the Legs Goddess

  4. lagodellabilancia (verified owner)

    We all know Helena’s beauty but in this video she is also incredibly sensual, the most beautiful video I have ever seen!
    Thanks Helena

    [4K] Elena - Intimacy through Dangling Leg Crosses[4K] Elena – Intimacy through Dangling Leg Crosses

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Mission Statement

Our dream, our end goal, is to take this fetish, the love of Sexy Shapely Female Legs, and break the “glass ceiling” on what is considered by many an underground genre.

By filming our models in a modern day pin-up style with all the leanings of the classic Cheesecake imagery of Petty and Elvsgren, we hope to reach a more diverse audience, making them more open and accepting of this fetish.

We want to bring to the masses, “the mainstream”, a new understanding of what is Legaphilia.

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