Strong and Fit Legs


Exclusive photos and videos

Muscular Development through Athletics

Running, Skiing, Track & Field, Biking all kinds of physical activity created these models extraordinary legs.

What remains are Strong and Sexy Legs.

Ballet Made Legs


Exclusive photos and videos

Calf Muscles made through Years of Training and Performing on Stage

Pain staking hours of performing endlessly on pointe in positions such as: arabesque or passe, and performing diagonals of chaîné turns, created these models beautiful legs.

What’s left are Bulging Shapely Calves.

Sexy Legs


Exclusive photos and videos

Elegant Legs through Passion of Craft

Long enduring hours of learning to master their body movements, stressing their leg muscles to keep balanced, and harnessing their bodies momentum has brought about Leggy perfection.

What remains are the Sexiest Shapely Legs.

Flexible Legs


Exclusive photos and videos

Tight Leg Sinews through Stretching

It’s no secret that stretching a muscle can make it grow and these Gymnast have done just that.  Grueling hours of stretching, jumping, skipping, tumbling and swinging has developed the curvaceousness of their gams.

What’s left are Hot Legs of Flexibility.

Muscular Legs


Exclusive photos and videos

Honed, Toned, and Powerfully Made through Persistence

It’s all about the gym, the rack, benches, barbells and weight machines.  About countless, rigorous, training sessions of pushing their legs to their limits and beyond, in a never ending journey for muscular beauty.

What’s created are Calves of Steel and Quads of Power.