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1 review for Annie – Steps to Amazing Legs, Sculpted Calves 3.mp4

  1. Rain Winter (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness… There are splendid legs, and then there is Annie. While an admirer of Anastasia and Tera specifically, I might declare Annie to have the most attractive legs on LE. Yet, that is still only partially the story. since Annie’s exceptionally shapely ankles are what really slay me. The wonderful ankle bones and Achilles tendons flex and dance so magically in this setting, hypnotically, greatly enhanced by the task of negotiating those svelte stair steps, which she does adroitly and gracefully. In addition to the glorious calves, quads, and hamstrings many of us adore so much, beautiful shapely ankles are ridiculously fun to admire while climbing stairs…. and Annie’s ankles are just exceptionally gorgeous. Did I mention that already?? The classy red shoes look fantastic on her sumptuous skin tone, their lovely natural sheen reflecting the light. A reasonable, sexy heel height. I dislike when heels are too high because they shorten the ankle, shaping it awkwardly. Annie’s stunning leg muscles move so beautifully. Outstanding camera work, plenty of alluring close-up intimate shots. Decent slow bluesy music as well supports the material, aligning well with her deliberate pace and alluring twirls. A few videos have been produced with strange musical choices, so I do like when they support the footage. Alas, mute buttons exist on our media players if the music proves too bothersome or divergent. I do wish this video was longer, but it seems the folks at LE know their craft, because I feel compelled to purchase all videos in this fantastic series with the lovely Annie. Totally worth the modest price, and then some.

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