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  1. DMM

    All the models here are great. And this one-star reduction is not about her or the photography but just a reflection of my tiring of high heels on models. I realize high heels can make a leg slimmer but does she really need that? It’s almost like saying “her legs are almost good, they just need to be slimmer” which makes high heels actually a critique of the model’s legs–they are not good enough without the high heels. Even when a model is not wearing high heels, they often stand as if they are wearing invisible ones. What’s wrong with how a calf looks when feet are flat on the ground? I like natural looks for legs and hope you have more like that. But, I get some like the effect of high heels and that high heels are so ubiquitous.

    Not saying not to have any photos with high heels, just that more without (and that includes not having “invisible” high heels) would be nice. I know you have some photos without high heels and without the models standing as if they are wearing invisible ones, but they are rather far and few between. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

    • bretzkythegreat (store manager)

      I wrote about this in a blogpost many years ago. The high heel isn’t about elongating the leg. It was about forcing the calf muscle to flex. Now, I understand your thoughts, platform heels do give the leg a elongated look, but we rarely film in those. Secondly, the heel creates more shapes. If you look from behind in particular you with see the added curves.

      As for flat footed shape, sure we do that, not as often for a few reasons. The main reason is two fold. One, I can walk outside and go anywhere to see women walking around flat footed. And on occasion I can actually find a nice pair of legs doing just that. Two, part of that is finding women with nice legs and all you get to see are them flat footed. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see them in a nice pair of heels? Too bad, that isn’t going to happen unless you’re that woman’s boyfriend or husband or maybe she works in an office and will wear them, but you better not me caught staring nowadays, you could lose your job over just looking.

      There’s also the barefoot equation. We’re not a foot site. Far too many “Legs” related sites are nothing more than foot fetish sites. The word “Legs” was hijacked long ago by the foot fetishist. The origin of the Legs genre was created in the 1930’s by pin up artist George Petty’s “Petty Girl”. He created the genre of “Cheesecake” the definition of which is “Legs Art”. That’s what we’re about, and that’s what we focus on.

      Lastly, and this is equally important, most women like beautiful things, they like beautiful things that make them look beautiful. Wearing cool heels is as much about them having fun during our shoots as it is for us to see them wearing them. And think about this….most of the time; everyday, for weeks or months on end, our models are walking around flat footed, they don’t have many chances to wear heels, to get dressed up–our shoots give them that opportunity. Again, making the shoots alot more fun for them and they get paid for it. Win, win. 🙂

      In closing we aren’t filming heels on women because their legs aren’t good enough, that couldn’t be further from the truth; it’s to accentuate, to create that dream encounter, that fantasy of a beautiful woman showing off their amazing legs in a modern pin up style with vintage leanings.

      We have been filming alot more stuff with our models bare foot, wearing socks, wearing sneakers as a way to change things up, but our main focus will always be with high heels.

      Thank You for taking the time to write and giving your 2 cents, and here is my 2 cents. Together we’ve got 4 cents. Too bad we can’t buy anything with that. :-/

      ~ B

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