Tera – Walk of Great Gams

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2 reviews for Tera – Walk of Great Gams

  1. blackpacino (verified owner)

    This was the clip I’d waiting for from the time Tera brought those superhuman legs to The Emporium… Michelangelo couldn’t sculpt a more dynamic, breathtaking pair of legs. My Lord, she put those stems to WORK for nearly 10 minutes & everything from her sexy stroll to the creative camera angles make this a masterpiece. I LOVE the healthy veins that decorate her bulbous, rock-solid calves… those robust thighs… every inch of Tera’s legs is Perfect 10. Annie has always been my #1 babe but Tera is VERY close to supplanting her. At nearly 10 minutes long this clip is worth every penny… just an overall stunning piece of visual art.

  2. enjoy2incubus2 (verified owner)

    She is the GOAT

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