1. glintzcollide (verified owner)

    Not for casuals. Deeps squats, wide open spreading and extreme muscle bulging.

    Shannon Rabon  - Deep Squatting ExtensionsShannon Rabon – Deep Squatting Extensions

  2. msaylor7 (verified owner)

    Just bought this set. Those legs are Fantastic. Strong beautiful legs in red high heels. Is there anything better? I say no.

    Thank you

    Rebecca - Spotlight, Center Stage on Her Phat CalvesRebecca – Spotlight, Center Stage on Her Phat Calves

  3. glintzcollide (verified owner)

    Some absolutely exceptional, extreme bulging in this clip showing off Michelle’s weapons. Multiple angles display as she works over her calf muscles, groping and squeezing at the massive bulges. Finished off by some beautiful deep squatting and wide-open spreads to get some amazing views of her enormous quads and inner-thighs as they bulge out and press up against her calves.

    Michelle Jin - Calf Muscles So Large and Fine 7Michelle Jin – Calf Muscles So Large and Fine 7

  4. glintzcollide (verified owner)

    Michelle is super fun and sexy in this clip, showing off her massive muscles in a hot purple bikini. Highlights include her holding up one of her legs and then slapping and punching at her calf muscle, making it jiggle and wobble around! Awesome stuff, would love to see more of this kind of thing being done in clips, it’s kind of like twerking for calves! Also features some reallt beautiful full split views of those incredible leg muscles. So hot!

    Michelle Jin - Behind Crazy Beautiful Juicy Calves HottieMichelle Jin – Behind Crazy Beautiful Juicy Calves Hottie

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This has to be one the best photoshoots. Everything is spot on: Sexy, jovial and professional poses/Awesome expressions/Clothing and set matching/Spectacular lighting and presence. This is quality right here.

    Lera - Sexy Legs Beauty in BlueLera – Sexy Legs Beauty in Blue

  6. jeteb05 (verified owner)

    “She’s so fine…there’s no tellin’ where the money went!!” Robert Palmer 😎😍😂😍🤗

    That’s how it can get if you don’t catch yourself while viewing Annie’s Batwoman Clips and Strong Legs of the Law photos.

    So, was it just me, or the playback audio in the Batwoman Legs Beauty 4K 2 Clip that makes you want to get up and dance? Or at least “Step” as close as you could alongside those sultry striding legs?? Such breathtaking poses in heels! And those Steppin’ strides?? “Eight Days a Week” Baby! 😎😍😂😍😎

    Can you remember how you felt when you saw someone across the floor, the room, the office or store that you just had to “Dance with,” “Walk with,” “Talk with,” or at least “Pretend” to bump into, just so you could “Be there” for as long as you could? Well, that’s the effect of Annie’s Batwoman L-L-Legs of Beauty!! Truly impactful!! 😍😂😎😍🤗

    Thank you again Legs Emporium crew. I don’t know how you keep coming up with the themes, but the presentations, the details and poses to die for are well worth the efforts!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    [4K] Annie - Batwoman Legs Beauty 2[4K] Annie – Batwoman Legs Beauty 2

  7. jeteb05 (verified owner)

    It’s good to be a “Bat Man!” 😎😍😂😍

    See my full comments in [4K] Annie – Batwoman Legs Beauty 2 Clip.

    [4K] Annie - Batwoman Legs Beauty 1[4K] Annie – Batwoman Legs Beauty 1

  8. jeteb05 (verified owner)

    It’s good to be a “Bat Man!” 😎😍😂😍

    See my full comments in Batwoman Legs Beauty 4K 2 Clip.

    [HD] Annie - Batwoman Legs Beauty[HD] Annie – Batwoman Legs Beauty

  9. jeteb05 (verified owner)

    Very Nice. It’s good to be a “Bat Man!” 😎😍😂😍
    See my full comments in Batwoman Legs Beauty 4K 2 Clip.

    Annie - Strong Legs of the LawAnnie – Strong Legs of the Law

  10. glintzcollide (verified owner)

    Smokin hot 4K clip of Jewel rocking her incredible legs as she indulges in eye-popping deep squats, wide-open spreading and sexy heel-pops. Extreme bulging galore as her enormous quads flex and smoosh up against her killer calves.

    [4K] Jewel - Calf Smooshes and Crossed Legs[4K] Jewel – Calf Smooshes and Crossed Legs

  11. aftv.wenger (verified owner)

  12. glintzcollide (verified owner)

    Super sexy clip of Andrea as she squats down low and repeatedly spreads her legs wide open offering up beautiful close up views of her massive thighs bulging out as they squash up against her thicc calves. She switches around to show offer her enormous derriere as it bursts out from her underwear whilst she squats and poses.

    Andrea Rosu - Andrea’s SquatsAndrea Rosu – Andrea’s Squats

  13. glintzcollide (verified owner)

    Naughty set of clips here featuring Andrea showing off her ultra-thicc curves popping off in a tiny g-string! Lots of beautiful angles and close-ups offering amazing views of her bulging calves and massive qauds topped by enormous juicy glutes. Andrea makes sure to give plenty of mind-blowing angles of her total package as she spreads her legs out and poses for the camera.
    On fire.

    Andrea Rosu - Striptease Reflection 1Andrea Rosu – Striptease Reflection 1

  14. glintzcollide (verified owner)

    Andrea is a thicc-queen, donning a hot black outfit and proceeding to pose provocatively with her fantastic package of curves is on complete display. Her epic derriere bursts out from her g-string, offering massive juicy glutes that top off her exceptionally thicc quads.

    Andrea Rosu - Thickness Devine 1Andrea Rosu – Thickness Devine 1

  15. radcliff999 (verified owner)

    Super hot! Amazing legs. Perfectly toned, with the right curves. Those high heels are perfect for her feet! She is stunning!!!

    Angelina - Sexy Legs in the CityAngelina – Sexy Legs in the City

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