1. radcliff999 (verified owner)

    Thunder hits you when you lay eyes upon those magnificent legs. God…I would give a kidney just to worship them! I really need to have everything from Michelle. You need to bring her again. She is hot as hell !

    Michelle Jin - Calves Thunder Goddess 1Michelle Jin – Calves Thunder Goddess 1

  2. radcliff999 (verified owner)

    Indeed she is a thunder Goddess!! Those legs, those calves are like, supercharged thunder pillars! I think Michelle is underrated! A total “beast” when it comes to sculpted legs. And not only them. Her whole body is fit and hot! Amazing woman!

    Michelle Jin - Calves Thunder Goddess 2Michelle Jin – Calves Thunder Goddess 2

  3. radcliff999 (verified owner)

    One of her best photoshoots. She is magnifecent! Superbly erotic and beautiful. I love how the camera cuptures her legs’ beautiful lines. So muscular but at the same time so feminine. She is a wonder!

    Jewel - Sensual Strong Legs UpJewel – Sensual Strong Legs Up

  4. Black Pacino (verified owner)

    As awesome as Tera looks in athletic gear, I prefer when she wears elegant but sultry outfits like this. The poses are simple but very effective… all she has to do is stand there, flex every so often & let those flawless legs speak for themselves. Tera’s veiny, diamond-cut calves are the crown jewels of her legs but her quads are also worthy of worship… and ALL those hearty muscles get their due here, sometimes simultaneously thanks to the mirror. Another great production from The Emporium.

    Tera - Pink Lady with Perfect Legs ReflectedTera – Pink Lady with Perfect Legs Reflected

  5. Black Pacino (verified owner)

    I love legs of all kinds but I’m truly a sucker for LENGTH… and Lulu’s finely-chiseled, aerodynamic stems are a light-year long. I have plenty of her clips but this masterpiece takes the cake.

    She literally WORKS those limber legs via crossing, walking, air-pedaling & other skillful exercises; flexing those strong but sexy quads & calves to a thumping, almost hypnotic beat. Multiple camera angles combine for a thorough legshow that leaves no muscle un-turned.

    Lulu clips don’t come often but they’re always more than worth the wait. Length Junkies will O.D. on this one.

    Lulu - Long Legs in Flannel 2-1Lulu – Long Legs in Flannel 2-1

  6. Zachary W Bott

    Excellent spank material Ohhhhhhhh my GAWD!

    Csilla Fodor - Fitness Muscle in Duplicate 1Csilla Fodor – Fitness Muscle in Duplicate 1

  7. fagan-romero (verified owner)

    Just bought this and the zip is invalid. Please fix. Thanks.

    Anastasia - New Black Widow or Bond Girl? 1Anastasia – New Black Widow or Bond Girl? 1

  8. fagan-romero (verified owner)

    I’ve just never seen legs more beautiful than hers and you present her perfectly, the oiled sheen reflecting off her curves in those heels. Magnificent.

    Rebecca - Overalls & Phat Calves Phenom OneRebecca – Overalls & Phat Calves Phenom One

  9. mkamola80 (verified owner)

    This is something new for me. A material that surprised me a lot. Both the price and the posing of Jawel. I really like your films based on realistic scenes. The model’s behavior took the form of tempting the viewer. A fantastic situation that would no doubt increase the pressure in a public place. A typical studio leg temptation has taken a very natural form here, allowing you to feel the real situation of a voyeur looking at the strong sexy legs.
    The only weak point are the shoes which, in my opinion, weigh on the figure of the model. Nevertheless, it is a matter of taste and sometimes it will relax the eye to appreciate the super sexy Jawel high heels again.

    Jewel - Flowers and Sexy, Muscular Legs 1Jewel – Flowers and Sexy, Muscular Legs 1

  10. mhatayako1

    For fuck’s sake, post other models

    Anastasia - Sculpted, Long Legs in a Rock Quarry TwoAnastasia – Sculpted, Long Legs in a Rock Quarry Two

  11. jacksonant1104 (verified owner)

  12. radcliff999

    Galina is so incredibly and stunningly hot here! Man!!! The definition of super sexy! Just happened to cross that set in my storage and instantly I had to check for my review. When I saw that I didnt leave one here I knew that I had to write one. She is so attractive and beautiful. Perfect body, Perfect legs and feet and an amazing set of well trained glutes. What else??? There is nothing else. She is dazzling!

    Galina - IFBB in a Form Fitting Red Mini-DressGalina – IFBB in a Form Fitting Red Mini-Dress

  13. thc19502003

    Everything about Jewel is captivating.

    Jewel - Lakeside Legs of Dreams 2Jewel – Lakeside Legs of Dreams 2

  14. jacksonant1104 (verified owner)

    Visually stunning and her splashing water on her legs wow 10/10

    Anastasia - Rock Slab, Sculpted Calves, Hot Babe 2Anastasia – Rock Slab, Sculpted Calves, Hot Babe 2

  15. thc19502003 (verified owner)

    Wow. This a beautiful, sexy and amazingly erotic model.

    Not only does she have a amazing body, legs and does some very seductive poses, she exudes a lot of confidence in her body positions,

    She sets the standard for all the others to be judged by – just my my opinion.

    Roxie - Stilettos, Steps, and Shapely Legs 1Roxie – Stilettos, Steps, and Shapely Legs 1

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